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Hot drink for a cold season - a recipe for sweet Glühwein

  Glühwein, glögi, hehkuviini, mulled wine - that sweet, warming nectar of the holiday season - is one of my favourite hot beverages, especially when it's home made. Here in Finland we call it "glögi" and it's best served outside while visiting a Christmas market, or during wintery picnics in snowy woods. It does work perfectly well cuddled up at the corner of your sofa, too! We found the original recipe online years ago, we've modified and tweaked it to suit our tastes, and I'd love to share our take on the glögi, because now is the perfect time to start experimenting for your own heirloom recipe! In our version you will make the syrup first and add wine or...

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Birches & Wool brand chat with Emma from Jordling Home

For the longest time I've been wanting to start a blog series talking about the brands I have available and about running a small business etc. I have some very special brands in my store, but I really feel that their stories don't get shared enough. As a consumer myself, who is buying less and less, I feel that when I do buy something new I really want to feel connected with the brand and know about their values and their products to make sure that they represent values that I can also stand behind. This is why I would love to tell you more about the brands and the creatives behind them. I think January is a perfect time...

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Birches & Wool, kestävä kehitys ja verkkokaupan vastuullisuus

Minulle kestävä kehitys ja vastuullisuus ovat erittäin tärkeitä osia omaa liiketoimintaa ja ensimmäiset lähtökohdat, kun valitsen tuotteita kaupan valikoimiin. En kuitenkaan tähän mennessä ole osannut avata tätä asiaa teille sen kummemmin. Siitä viestiminen on tuntunut vaikealta, sillä itsekin vasta opettelen näitä asioita. Mitä, jos joku sanoo, että olen ihan hakoteillä? Tai että toimintani vastuullisuuden eteen ei ole riittävää? Tai mikä pahinta: että teen jotain aivan väärin.

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