Hot drink for a cold season - a recipe for sweet Glühwein


Glühwein, glögi, hehkuviini, mulled wine - that sweet, warming nectar of the holiday season - is one of my favourite hot beverages, especially when it's home made. Here in Finland we call it "glögi" and it's best served outside while visiting a Christmas market, or during wintery picnics in snowy woods. It does work perfectly well cuddled up at the corner of your sofa, too!

We found the original recipe online years ago, we've modified and tweaked it to suit our tastes, and I'd love to share our take on the glögi, because now is the perfect time to start experimenting for your own heirloom recipe!

In our version you will make the syrup first and add wine or juice later. This is perfect, because you can actually make a big batch of the syrup, bottle it and store it for later use. It could also make a nice Christmas gift. 

So, here's how you make it :)

Spicy syrup for Glühwein

(Enough for 1 bottle of red wine)

2dl water
1,5dl white sugar
1 cinnamon stick
1 orange
20 cloves

1. Add the water, sugar and cinnamon stick to a medium size pan (saucepan, 1l or bigger). Bring to boil and reduce to simmer.

2. Cut the orange in half and squeeze in the orange juice.

3. Stick the cloves into the outside of the orange peels and place the halves of the orange in the simmering sugary water so that the cloves are beneath the surface. Simmer until reduced towards syrupy thickness.

4. Pour in the bottle of wine and warm until steamy, but do not heat to simmer. Remove the oranges and cinnamon stick and enjoy your new favourite drink :)

You can experiment with the spices, adding things like vanilla, cardamom, or more cinnamon and orange - what ever feels yummy to you <3 Please remember to write down your own recipe - you'll thank yourself next year!

Warmly, Pia

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