Soft Wool + Family Life

Birches & Wool offers a lovingly curated collection of beautiful and sustainable kidswear, accessories and items for the home for the whole family to enjoy and cherish. A handpicked selection of sustainable brands for the rustic minimalists and their parents.

Birches stands for Nordic nature and a child's play in the wild woods.

Wool is for handmade garments that a mother carefully grafts for her child and soft blankets that are gifted for a baby's first slumber.

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  • Our values

    + Sustainability
    + Beauty
    + Simplicity
    + Slowness

    I want to make it easier for you to purchase sustainable and ethical products for your family.

    Everything that is produced takes up resources on this planet, which is something we should be very conscious about in our consumption. To buy less, but better, to pass these precious items from one child to another is a goal.

  • Our products

    Approx. 80% of all the clothes in the store are made with organic cotton. Rest is linen, Oeko-tex certified 100% cotton, cotton-blends, ethically sourced wool or cashmere.

    All wood materials are either from certified sources or foraged small scale by the makers from their own forests.

    All the brands are committed to ethical and sustainable production in all phases.

    Working towards:
    - Reducing the amount of clothes made with cotton in general.

    - Increasing the amount of products made by independent makers to support women and their work within this industry.

  • Packaging & Shipping

    Every order is packed in minimum packaging material while still ensuring safe shipping.

    I do not include plastic in your packaging, apart from the tape I use at the moment.

    All paper material is recyclable.

    Shippings from the store are handled so that we carry as many orders at once as possible. Our carriers are picked by their performance and trustworthiness as priorities.

    Working towards:
    - Making sure that the packaging materials are produced ethically and sustainably.

    - Making sure all packaging materials are recyclable.

    - Finding a way to remove all plastic material from packaging.

    - Knowing more about how the shipping companies I use are taking the environment and working conditions into account within their operations and networks.