Birches & Wool brand chat with Emma from Jordling Home

For the longest time I've been wanting to start a blog series talking about the brands I have available and about running a small business etc.

I have some very special brands in my store, but I really feel that their stories don't get shared enough. As a consumer myself, who is buying less and less, I feel that when I do buy something new I really want to feel connected with the brand and know about their values and their products to make sure that they represent values that I can also stand behind. This is why I would love to tell you more about the brands and the creatives behind them.

I think January is a perfect time for starting something new and in the heart of winter, a small business that makes amazing warm blankets is the most natural choice as the first brand to introduce.

Jordling Home is a beautiful Swedish brand with a conscious heart and a range of warm products. Their creativity caught my eye and the quality of their products has convinced me time and again.

A baby lying on a lambswool with a merino wool blanket

During those lovely slow days between Christmas and New Year I was able to interview Emma from Jordling Home and I'm happy to share our little email-chat with you all.

Grab yourself a nice beverage, get comfortable and I hope you enjoy this small read to learn more about the values behind Jordling Home and their every-day life.

Two toddlers playing in a studio with Emilia Ilke x Jordling Home wool blankets

I’m so happy you accepted the invitation to be featured at the blog Emma! How are you today?

- I’m home alone with a sick and teething baby, so a bit tired but still happy.

I know this feeling so well! We have 2 small and wild boys, and from time to time it feels like at least one of us is sick, and at worst times it's all of us! I hope your little one feels better soon!

In case Jordling Home isn’t familiar to everyone, would you tell us, in a nutshell, who you are and what is Jordling Home all about?

- Jordling is at the moment a kids blanket brand that only works with natural materials. My husband and I wanted to start this when we were expecting our first baby since we couldn’t find natural and nice blankets on the market. Today I also get help from my sister with some admin and packing orders, so it is definitely a family business. We do our best to work with quality and sustainable materials throughout the whole process.

This is something that really resonates with me! I've heard many new parents start their own business because they might notice a gap in a baby-related market. I think it's great, because it means that we're really starting to see some absolutely gorgeous items for family-life these days. It has also meant that the "baby-bubble" can be aesthetically pleasing and doesn't have to mean that everything has to turn into this pink or baby-blue mush - unless that's exactly what you want, and in that case it's just perfect! I love that we now have more choices though!

It must be hectic sometimes doing what you do. What are your days like as a mom and a small business owner? What are the most rewarding things, what about the biggest challenges?

- I do my best to put all my focus on my son during the days and work at nights, but it’s impossible not to think about work during the day as well... I’m super happy that my family is helping me with this as much as they can so I can do my best to be a mom, but sometimes I find myself answering emails when I shouldn’t.

Most rewarding I must say is when people actually buy our products. I feel super honored when our customers place orders with us.

Biggest challenge is to find time and energy to keep on doing this everyday.

Sounds like a real balancing act! I hope you're not too tough on yourself if you sometimes catch yourself thinking about work when you shouldn't - I know it's hard to turn off sometimes. I'm also still learning to separate the business from everything else.

And speaking of that and of energy - as a mom and an entrepreneur myself, I find it really hard to make time for myself to exercise or just do things for myself. How do you make time to take care of yourself, or is this a struggle for you as well?

- It is a struggle for sure, but I have to exercise to keep sane and healthy. I do really short workouts twice a week, I know it will make me more efficient and happy in the end so I always take my time to do this. My husband is super supportive and we help each other a lot so we can find time for other things than just being a parent or working.

Sounds like you have a great support systems and you've really made this a priority. I might just have to think about my priorities as well. Short workouts sound manageable and fun too!

Now I'd like to learn a bit more about your products and materials. Where do you get the inspiration for your products?

- Mostly just on Instagram, but I also look around when I’m out walking to see what parents keep in their strollers. I always find something interesting.

And what are your favourite materials and why?

- Linen is amazing, it has so many great features and is naturally grown. It is one of few plants that can grow big without almost any pesticide. And once you turn this grass looking plant into a thread it is super soft and strong. Simply a great and durable material.

I have also grown more and more in love with linen. Your Nova linen blankets showed me that linen can turn into so much more than bedding or (beautiful) clothing. The jersey-like fabric really surprised me and I think they are one of my favourites as well.

Then, what do you consider are the core values or the purpose of your business?

- To offer natural quality products that are safe for babies and durable for the environment.

Sounds like a fulfilling purpose to me - love it! I bet alot happened last year, but what was the most exciting thing in 2019?

- Launching this brand and to present the collab we did with Emilia Ilke.

Ah yes, the Emilia Ilke collab is stunning! I can't wait to see what you have coming this year. But what do you wish for 2020?

- Right now I wish for a healthy baby in 2020 so that i have the energy to keep on developing Jordling. It’s a very hard and tough balance to keep on going.

I know what you mean, and I wish for the same! And with your experience so far, what would you say to someone who’s thinking about starting their own business?

- To find someone to talk to about the business and go trough your ideas with. Otherwise you will go insane.

I've had some of that myself! That is a really good advice and one that I can heartily agree on!

Thank you so much Emma for the interview - I wish you a very successful and creative year ahead!

- Many thanks for letting me answer these questions and same to you!! Happy new year ❤️

 You can also find Jordling Home on Instagram: @jordling.home

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