Birches & Wool's Story

Birches & Wool opened in the cold but beautiful winter of 2019. "Birches" stands for Nordic nature and a child's play in the woods. "Wool" stands for handmade garments that a mother carefully grafts for her child and soft blankets that are gifted for a babies' first slumber.

My name is Pia and I'm the owner of this store - I'm so glad you're here! I'm a mother of two wild boys. I'm also a strong believer in minimalism in a sense that we all should own less, buy less and use less, but the things that we do own, buy or make, should have a very special and dear meaning to us.

Everything that is produced takes up resources on this planet, which is something we should be very conscious about in our consumption. To buy less, but better, to pass these precious items from one child to another is a goal.

Through Birches & Wool I hope to bring you quality items that last, and that in some way make my heart sing - I hope they do this to you as well and will travel along with your family and children, perhaps friends' children, for years to come.

Birches & Wool