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Ilon Wool Blanket, Pink Stripe

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This amazingly light merino wool blanket is knitted in a breathable, itch-free, antibacterial yarn that keeps your baby dry and safe.

Merino wool is a very soft material that feels smooth against the skin. This stretchy and light knit is developed to be used by babies and children of all ages. It's perfect for everyday use in the crib or babynest, in the stroller, or even as a swaddle.

This blanket is temperature regulating allowing for use year round. It can also be used as a snuggle buddy for small babies.

100% mulesing-free merino wool and OEKO-TEX 100 certified. 

70cm x 100cm

Wash & Care:
Merino wool breathes and is naturally purifying. You don't need to wash this product in the washing machine. Let the blanket ventilate regularly and occasionally hand-wash it. If needed, use some water and soap on a stain and try to rub it off. If you do need to clean the blanket, hand-wash the product in lukewarm water. 

Always air dry.

Since merino wool is a natural material, pilling will appear in time. This will fall off by itself or you can gently remove it by hand or with a pilling machine.