Rustic Minimalism + Contemporary Handmade & Design

Rouheaknits is the store's "in-house brand". It was created in 2016  or I should say that it came to be, because I feel like it has been long in the making, bubbling under the surface and finally found its way through in September 2016. 

Through Rouheaknits I want to be a part in bringing something beautiful in our lives, to disrupt the mundane: a hat that just looks lovely or small item on your wall, something to decrease the clutter or help maintain order.

I think that we should own less, but better and more meaningful things. Ours but also our children's wardrobes are a way to manifest this thought. I also believe that family and friends are the things that matter the most, and a home is a place where these two can flourish: home is a setting for everyday life, home is where you should be able to re-charge, rest and celebrate too. Home is our space, the one nook in this world that we can, and should, make truly our own.