Phil&Phae stands for comfortable, high quality kidswear for an effortless chic look.

They believe that a good design is refined and sophisticated, yet at the same time looks effortless: unique, but never too complicated. Contemporary shapes with attention to details, executed in the softest and most comfortable materials. Sophisticated colour palettes with natural shades and washed hues emphasize the natural beauty of a child.

Next to using organic cotton and choosing to produce in Europe, Phil&Phae believe that sustainability also lies in design choices. By making timeless pieces of a premium quality that makes them last, they hope to encourage a more sustainable consumption pattern in which items will be worn and passed down with as much love as they are made with. 

Phil&Phae is ethically produced by carefully selected family businesses that share Phil&Phae's brand values. So they can proudly say that all their items are made with love!