MONKIND is a family-run kid’s wear brand based in Berlin whose focus is on sleek, minimal design and sustainability.

Monkind concentrates on the structure, the design, the overall aesthetic message and aim to create something subtle, functional and timeless. Through original pattern and textile designs along with their professionally trained and finely honed aesthetic, they are able to create simple, innovative and stylish children’s clothes that are enjoyed by parents and children alike across the globe.

The designer and lifeblood of MONKIND is Valeria. She was born in the former Soviet Union into a professional artistic family and was taught from birth the importance of the aesthetic and the relevance of composition. After graduating from a Berlin fashion school her love of fashion prospered and bloomed. Valeria began to make clothes for her first child, which rapidly became a passion and culminated in her decision to create a kid’s wear label, thus MONKIND was born. Her husband Stewart joined forces shortly after and together they opened their first store in Berlin in 2014.


The search for the unknown has inspired sci-fi writers, filmmakers and designers in various ways for over a hundred years now. Be that the many dystopian or utopian novels published since the turn of the nineteenth century, those wonderful yet naïve movies of the fifties, or an explosion of futurism in the fashion of the sixties. The longing for a different life in a distant galaxy still exists in the 21st century, and the AW19 / 20 “Hidden Dimensions” collection addresses the explorer‘s heart that slumbers in all of us. Above all, the film Forbidden Planet and the novel We by Yevgeny Zamyatin were for the collection template and inspiration. Graphic patterns take on a retro charm with a pinch of futurism. The colour-palette of warm and cold tones daydreams about how the landscape could look on foreign planets and stars: maybe there is one completely covered in moss, another could harbour mile-deep glacial canyons, and a third could simply consist of deserts and dunes.

It is the urge for freedom that makes us look for opportunities to explore space. This urge for freedom is especially entertained by children and we too must indulge ourselves as often as possible in order to discover, the sky does not have to be the limit.

"We concentrate on structure, mood and design to create a unified aesthetic ­message that is subtle, functional and timeless. ­Through ­original ­pattern and textile design, as well as our ­finely-honed aesthetic we are able to ­create simple, innovative and stylish children’s and adult’s fashion that is enjoyed by parents and children across the globe."