Jordling Home

Jordling Home started in 2019 from the motivation to provide the best children's products for future generations. The passion for sustainability and quality fabrics, along with many years of experience from the textile industry, motivated the development of functional and playful children's blankets for the modern family. 
Here's how the brand owners describe their journey:
"When we were expecting our first child in 2018 we started looking for blankets here in Stockholm to fill our home with. We noticed a need for natural baby blankets and decided to embark on the journey of creating our own children's blanket brand. Today we design an affordable quality product made in natural materials that will protect and comfort your child during different phases of life. 
The name Jordling is the Swedish word for "earthling". The name came to us when we were looking at the materials and colors for the brand, that we're natural and earthy."
Perfect match for Birches & Wool then! I'm in love!